About Us

Owners Erik Johnson and John J. Solana are proud to announce the opening of Petiscos on June 3, 2013. Petiscos bridges the gap between their restaurants, The Back Abbey and Union on Yale with its “quick-bite-to-eat”, yet flavorful approach. Formerly a rail ticket building and the original location of Curtis Realty and The Folk Music Store, Petiscos inhabits the second oldest building in downtown Claremont.

The stars of Petiscos’ menu are their tacos made with house-made tortillas. Fresh ingredients and the highest quality proteins like Prime Beef, Free Range Chicken and Kurobuta Pork are staples on the menu, while more unusual items like Soft Shell Crab and Wild Boar will make appearances based on market availability and the whimsy of the kitchen. Petiscos is a place for vegetarians as well – there will be Veggie Tacos as well. Each Petiscos taco is about 5” in diameter and costs from $3-$8.

When you want a quick bite, this is how it goes down at Petiscos… as you enter the cozy outdoor establishment, peruse and choose from a menu of 17 items or so. Place your order at the counter - then find a spot at a rustic picnic table, surrounded by carefully picked kitsch, where your order will be delivered to you. You’re in - you’re out. For just a few bucks you are satiated and have just discovered you're wild for wild boar.

Petiscos is located at: 211 west 1st street in Claremont, CA, across from the Train Depot
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11:30am to 8:00pm
Visa, MC, Amex are accepted.